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Re: [Orgmode] Comments in Org-mode

From: Sebastian Rose
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Comments in Org-mode
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 13:15:54 +0200
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Manuel Amador <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Sebastian and Russell,
> You are correct. The problem appears after I comment a region in org-mode 
> with:
> M-x comment-region <enter> # <enter>

Ahh - yes. If I comment something with

  M-x comment-region <enter> # <enter>

it happens here, too.

I never did that in Org-mode - I simply add an `#' and that's OK.

To comment a region I do

   C-x r t # RET

as `comment-region' doesn't seem to do the right thing anyway (add the
comment character in line 0) and it's faster to type (in c-mode we have
`C-c C-c' which I use a lot though).

Shouldn't Org-mode provide it's own `comment-region-function'? Or at
least re-define `comment-start' et al?


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