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Re: [Orgmode] Quick aquamacs related windowing question

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Quick aquamacs related windowing question
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:32:46 -0500
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Quick follow-up:  The problem seems to be related to a block of code in
org-read-date that's wrapped in


Does anyone have a clear understanding of how these two special forms
are going to interact?

I looked into the documentation for save-window-excursion, and while it
saves the currently-selected WINDOW, it does NOT save (or at least the
info page doesn't say it saves) the currently-selected FRAME.

So this seems to be my problem.

I will try to discover how to either save the currently selected frame
(this may not be possible --- I don't know how Emacs interacts with the
window manager), or how to tell Aquamacs to always pop up the *Calendar*
buffer in the same frame.


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