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Re: [Orgmode] Re: UIDs in icalendar export (exporting my agenda)

From: aldrin d'souza
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: UIDs in icalendar export (exporting my agenda)
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:59:18 +0530

Thanks a lot Magnus - your suggestions were helpful. Basically, I didn't have uuidgen on my machine and that caused the same ID to be generated for all timestamps. I'm not sure if that's a bug because even though I'm on Windows, when I evaluate (current-time) it gives me the time up to milliseconds - something like (19038 42793 57000)

Nick, thanks to you too for pointing out that I need to set org-icalendar-store-UID. That's exactly what I need to ensure I don't upload the same event twice.

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