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[Orgmode] Indentation of text below headlines

From: onguarde -
Subject: [Orgmode] Indentation of text below headlines
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 10:48:39 +0800

Peace all!

I'm trying to make text below headlines indented as per the example quoted below.


Indentation of text below headlines

You may indent text below each headline to make the left boundary line up with the headline, like
          *** 3rd level
more text, now indented
A good way to get this indentation is by hand, and Org supports this with paragraph filling, line wrapping, and structure editing1 preserving or adapting the indentation as appropriate. A different approach would be to have a way to automatically indent lines according to outline structure by adding overlays or text properties. But I have not yet found a robust and efficient way to do this in large files

[1] See also the variable org-adapt-indentation.


If the variable `org-adapt-indentation' is non-nil, the entire text is
also indented so that it starts in the same column as the headline
\(i.e. after the stars).

.emacs config file
;(setf org-adapt-indentation nil)
(setf org-adapt-indentation t)

I tried setting it up it .emacs like so but it doesn't seem to work no matter which I comment.

Am I missing something??

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