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Re: [Orgmode] Calendar export questions (ical & html)

From: Michel Blanc
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Calendar export questions (ical & html)
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 09:28:13 +0200
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Bastien a écrit :
> Hi Michel,
> A todo like this
> * TODO Do this
>   <2009-07-28 mar>
> will be exported both as a VTODO and as a VEVENT.
> Note that this is not the case for DEADLINE and SCHEDULED, maybe the
> code need to be more consistent about this.

Well, TODOs exported as VTODOS seems fine to me. And using TODOs in Org
for project management is really very helpful, but it seems that
calendar application out there consider TODOs as laundry lists and never
display them in views.
May be it could be nice to ask Org mode to force exporting VTODOs as
VEVENTs (just like it does for non-TODO DEADLINEd events) to circumvent
those applications limitations ? Don't know if it could be useful to
others though, and this could be done easily with an external script too.

>> Also, the HTML exports for my agenda contains nothing but TODO's,
>> without any date (see example here
>> ...
>> I suspect I'm off the mark in some way here...
> There are several types of agenda views: the tags and tags-todo types
> don't display the dates, but the agenda type does.

Oh well, I probably didn't read the manual deeply enough, sorry about that.

>> Finally, is there a way to customize the agenda name (i.e. X-WR-CALNAME
>> in the ICS file) ? 
> Again, sorry to disappoint but the answer is no -- at least not to my
> knowledge. 

Ok. Thanks Bastien for your answers et bonne continuation.

Michel Blanc - Systèmes/Réseaux Erasme
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