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[Orgmode] Feature Request: "Keeping me honest"

From: Tim O'Callaghan
Subject: [Orgmode] Feature Request: "Keeping me honest"
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 15:47:23 +0200

Hi, I'm not sure how/if these are implemented or implementable.

* "Keeping Me honest"

  When i outline a project, sometimes there are points that are
  ambigiously stated. Being neither actions or titles, they can slip
  through the cracks. So i've been thinking of a feature that would be
  similar to the "stuck projects" indicator. This would be a set of
  words that would naturally follow a TODO or similar, to indicate
  that the title has some honesty to it. Its to enforce a kind of "GTD
  verb" in every actionalble outline title.

  Implementation wise, i was thinking this could be a word list
  associated with a todo or tag. That list would then be used to font
  lock the first word of an outline header. e.g.

  <wrong> * TODO foobar compatibility needed for something
  <right> * TODO change feature X of something so that it works with foobar

  Either the first word, and/or the whole line would be highlighted a
  different colour. GTD words are not the only use for a feature like
  this. It might be used to highlight that a bug ID is needed in a
  "FIXME" heading with a regexp "ID#[0-9]+" associated to the "keep me
  honest" field.

  Not sure where i picked this list up from but here are some example
  GTD words to test with:

*** "PROJECT" todo-type outline action verbs
Finalize, resolve, handle, look into, submit, maximize, organize,
design, complete, ensure, research, roll out, update, install,
implement, set-up

*** "TODO" todo-type next action verbs
Address, ask, avoid, buy, change, clarify, collect, commend confront,
consider, create, decide, defer, develop, discard, do again, download,
enter, file, follow up, hire, improve, increase, inform, inquire,
maintain, measure, monitor, order, paint, phone, prioritize, purchase,
question, reduce, remember, repair, reply, report, research, resolve,
review, schedule, sell, send, service, specify, start, stop, suggest,
tidy, train, update, upgrade, write.


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