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[Orgmode] Priorities and sub-tasks in Agenda View

From: Vedang
Subject: [Orgmode] Priorities and sub-tasks in Agenda View
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 19:38:45 +0530

Hi All,

I'm facing a small annoyance. I like to use priorities on my tasks, for sorting them in agenda view. So I have something like this:

* TODO [#A] Big task 1
** WORKING subtask
** TODO subtask
* TODO [#A] Big Task 2

so on.

Agenda mode, however, shows this as follows:

TODO [#A] Big Task 1
TODO [#A] Big Task 2
... other todo big tasks according to priority
... and then somewhere below
WORKING subtask
TODO subtask
... so on

I would like it very much if the subtasks would appear below the big task they are related to, or atleast if the priority of the big task is auto propagated to them so that they appear in the list of all the #A tasks, if not directly under the big task. This would help me very much in keeping related tasks together.

If there is any _other_ trick or better way to achieve this that I'm missing, I'd be glad to get pointers.

Unix is simple. It takes a genius to understand it's simplicity.    -    Anon

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