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Re: [Orgmode] agenda bulk refile error

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] agenda bulk refile error
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 21:12:56 +0200

Hi Bernt,

what would be the *wanted* result of marking both a parent and its child, and then refiling both?

I guess the problem happens when you first refile the parent, and then the child. The reason for this is that, when an entry is refiled from the agenda, all entries in the agenda that stem from the subtree of this item will be removed from the agenda. This is the right ting to do, but of course it causes problems if you have marked both a parent and one of it's children.

Would it be acceptable that first the child gets refiled, and then the parent? If yes, a simple solution would be to sort the task markers by buffer position before doing te bulk command. However, it seems to me that the right course of action would be to move the parent with its subtree, and to ignore the mark on the child. We could, instead of throwing an error, prompt the user about how to proceed. Of set a variable that such errors should simply be ignored.

- Carsten

On Aug 4, 2009, at 8:00 PM, Bernt Hansen wrote:

Every so often I run into a situation where bulk refiling doesn't work

I currently have 15 items in my refile.org file that I want to refile to
other locations.  I marked a few of them and bulk refiled them just
fine.  Then I marked a few more and B r fails with "Cannot find entry
for marker #<marker at 297156 in norang.org>"

I think this happens when I mark multiple tasks in the same subtree
(i.e. the parent and a sibling) and refile both to the same location.
After that it gets confused.

If I have a task like this in refile.org

* Test
** Test 2

and run a tags match on REFILE I see both tasks.  Mark both with m in
the agenda and B r to some other location.  It refiles the first (and
this moves the sibling too) and then it's broken after that.

I get the following backtrace

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Cannot find entry for marker #<marker at 297156 in norang.org>") signal(error ("Cannot find entry for marker #<marker at 297156 in norang.org>")) error("Cannot find entry for marker %s" #<marker at 297156 in norang.org>) (or (text-property-any (point-min) (point-max) (quote org-hd- marker) e) (error "Cannot find entry for marker %s" e)) (goto-char (or (text-property-any ... ... ... e) (error "Cannot find entry for marker %s" e))) (while (setq e (pop entries)) (goto-char (or ... ...)) (eval cmd) (setq org-agenda-bulk-marked-entries (delete e org-agenda-bulk- marked-entries)) (setq cnt (1+ cnt))) (let* ((action ...) (entries ...) cmd rfloc state e tag (cnt 0)) (cond (... ...) (... ...) (... ... ... ...) (... ... ...) (... ... ...) (... ...) (t ...)) (while (setq e ...) (goto-char ...) (eval cmd) (setq org-agenda-bulk-marked-entries ...) (setq cnt ...)) (setq org-agenda-bulk-marked-entries nil) (org-agenda-bulk-remove- all-marks) (message "Acted on %d entries" cnt))

I've since changed my refile custom view to only show level 1 tasks to
avoid this problem.


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