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[Orgmode] Positioning Latex diagram on PDF output

From: Graham Smith
Subject: [Orgmode] Positioning Latex diagram on PDF output
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 19:29:30 +0100

I am experimenting with a TiKZ/pgf mindmap in orgmode.  Although it
looks as if it should fit on the (A4) PDF page, it is offset to the
right and cut off, even though there seems to plenty of room on the
page to left of the diagram.

The code is just the example from the manual, which I have modified a
bit, and is shown below.

Is there some way of moving it across to the left a bit, so it will
fit on the page?

Many thanks,


  \path[mindmap,concept color=black,text=white]
    node[concept] {Ecological Impact Assessment}
    [clockwise from=0]
    child[concept color=green!50!black] {
      node[concept] {Ecology}
      [clockwise from=90]
      child { node[concept] {theory} }
      child { node[concept] {field skills} }
      child { node[concept] {methods} }
      child { node[concept] {software engineer\-ing} }
    child[concept color=blue] {
      node[concept] {Legislation}
      [clockwise from=-30]
      child { node[concept] {EIA} }
      child { node[concept] {Policy and Planning} }
    child[concept color=red] {
      node[concept] {Data Analysis}
      [clockwise from=-30]
      child{node[concept]{Decision Science}}
    child[concept color=orange] {
      node[concept] {Professional Practice}
      [clockwise from=-75]
      child{node[concept]{Business skills}}
      child{node[concept]{Presentation skills}}
      child{node[concept]{EcIA best practice}}

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