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[Orgmode] suggestion: balance tracking

From: Ilya Shlyakhter
Subject: [Orgmode] suggestion: balance tracking
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 2009 23:13:44 +0200

A small extension to orgmode would let you track how you're balancing
your time among your projects: whether you're spending more than you
want on some, and less than you want on others.

It would work as follows.   For any node you can define a property
"goal", saying how many todo's you want to complete in that subtree
per day (on average).   For each todo item that you mark DONE, you
would include in the entry the date of its completion.
Then, an orgmode command would, for each subtree with a "goal"
property at the root, compute how many todo's you completed in that
subtree within the last 2 weeks (say), and would report those subtrees
where the average # of todo's per day falls below the goal.   The
report would be sorted, with the most neglected goals first.

Some todo's could be worth more than others; a todo could have a
"goalvalue" property, in which case that property's value would be
added to the subtree's sum, instead of the default value of 1.   E.g.
this could represent hours spent.

The same mechanism could be used to check e.g. the balance of a budget
(whether you're spending more/less money than you would like on some

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