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Re: [Orgmode] DiTAA error under Ubuntu

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] DiTAA error under Ubuntu
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 20:16:49 +0100
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At Tue, 11 Aug 2009 17:18:41 +0200,
Sébastien Vauban wrote:


> I know this is purely related to Java components, but -- being completely
> newbie in Java, and being overwhelmed by the impressive long list of possible
> packages --, can someone tell me which Ubuntu package I should have to install
> to get this working?

I don't use ubuntu but Debian on which ubuntu is based so maybe I can
help.  I have the following jdk/java packages installed on my system:

| ii  java-common          0.32          Base of all Java packages
| ii  libjline-java        0.9.94-1      Java library for handling console input
| ii  sun-java6-bin        6-14-1        Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 
6 (ar
| ii  sun-java6-jdk        6-14-1        Sun Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK) 6
| ii  sun-java6-jre        6-14-1        Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 
6 (ar

(You can probably ignored libjline.)  I haven't used the openjdk
version and I'm surprised it's not working as it's meant to be the
same as the Sun version.  Maybe openjdk is missing the AWT libraries?
Have you checked ubuntu's bug reports on this?

In any case, can you install the direct-from-sun packages on your
system (as I have, via aptitude or apt-get, assuming they are present
in the ubuntu repositories) and see whether that works better?


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