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Re: [Orgmode] Workflow for attaching, linking, and saving bibtex links t

From: Andreas Burtzlaff
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Workflow for attaching, linking, and saving bibtex links together with notes?
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 09:31:56 +0200

The use case is very similar to the one I'm starting to get comfortable
with, so here is my vision:

Fireforg could download the pdf , use Zotero's translators to extract
bibliography information and other metadata from a site, and send that
and the file's path to org. There, this information becomes a heading
with properties, like this:

* [[<link to pdf>][<Title>]] <General note>
   :ID: <unique id>
   :CUSTOM_ID: <human readable id, possibly generated from authors and year>
   :BIB_TYPE: <article, ...> 
   :BIB_AUTHORS: ...
   :BIB_TITLE: ...
   :URL: ...

All further notes go into that subtree.
A lisp function generates bibtex entries from these properties for headings,
optionally filtered by tag, property, occurrence of links to it in a certain 
file, etc.

That way, all information is inside the org file and the entry has a
unique id throughout.

In search results fireforg will mark those entries already imported to
your org files and let's you visit all notes about them.

There are some hurdles to take, though, but it's not overly complicated.
Anyone willing to join in, to make this reality?


P.S. Didn't check whether such an idea came up before on the list.
PP.S There was a similar question in this thread:

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