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Re: [Orgmode] how to draw picture in org-mode ? Does it support tikz/pgf

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] how to draw picture in org-mode ? Does it support tikz/pgf ?
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 09:40:38 +0200

On Aug 14, 2009, at 12:53 PM, Nick Dokos wrote:

Graham Smith <address@hidden> wrote:

Something I, as a comparative beginner  can answer :-)

how to draw picture in org-mode ? Does it support tikz/pgf ?

Yes, I found it worked fine for me. I had a silly problem with page
margins (searchng the forum for tikz/pgf will find my recent posts),
that was my fault but other than that the flow charts and mindmaps I
have done work well.

Let me add a qualifier: if you try to preview the image, then it does
not seem to work, but that seems to be a characteristic of tikz/pgf,
rather than org-mode.

Here's the experiment, should somebody care to try it:

o Start with a simple picture - the one waterloo posted earlier in
the month will do:

| #+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage{tikz}
| * Draw
| \begin{tikzpicture}
| \draw (0,0) -- (10,0);
| \end{tikzpicture}

I think this should work, but I believe the latex
files that is used to create the image does not have te right
usepackage statement.

Right now I am on a machine without dvipng, so I cannot try this:

1. pull from git
2. Instead of #+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage{tikz}, use

   (setq org-export-latex-packages-alist '(("" "tikz))

   because this customization will now also be seen by
   the preview process.

I hope that then the preview will also work.

- Carsten

o Export it to LaTeX with C-c C-e l.

o Process the latex file with pdflatex and view with xpdf - everything
is fine.

o Process the latex file with latex, producing a dvi file. View the dvi file with xdvi: the picture is missing (and I get a Ghostscript error.)

o Process the dvi file to PS with dvips and view the resulting PS file:
the picture is there.

Since (I'm guessing) preview processes the dvi file with dvipng and
since the dvi file seems to have some kind of problem, preview does not


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