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[Orgmode] Possible buglet in latex export

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: [Orgmode] Possible buglet in latex export
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 22:51:44 -0500
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When I do a latex export, a simple URL in text, or a simple link url of
the form [[URL]] --- with no description --- gets emitted as


which causes Latex to crash for me.

I believe that this is because it won't accept a URL as the second
argument to href.

Changing the \href command to \url fixes the latex problem.

So I wonder if we need to catch this special case of a description-less
URL and treat it specially in latex export for the benefit of latex's
hyperref package.

I'm not an expert on hyperref, by any means, nor do I know the innards
of latex export, so I could be missing something here.  However the
description of \url in the hyperref manual says the following:


Similar to \href{URL}{\nolinkurl{URL}}

...which suggests to me that using the URL without some kind of magical
protection (provided by \nolinkurl) may lead to bad things.


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