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[Orgmode] Re: TODO keywords into drawers ?

From: Matt Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: TODO keywords into drawers ?
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 08:40:08 -0400
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Xavier Maillard <address@hidden> writes:

> I extensively use remember to jot down new tasks/notes/... it
> feets perfectly since it is almost instantaneous.
> Sometimes, when at work, someone enters my room to speak about a
> project. When finished, I fire remember and try to sum up our
> discussion. This is not really a task to do but when reviewing my
> notes, it can be switched to a task entry.
> With my current setup, I have to differenciate, when in remember,
> if it is a task, a note or something else. If I do not, I do not
> see these entries when reviewing my org files. This is the big
> hole in my system which makes me not trust my system :/

As Carsten suggested, tags are probably the best way to mark tasks in
the way you suggest. Org-remember can be instructed (via templates) to
prompt for tags:

| %^g         prompt for tags, with completion on tags in target file.
| %^G         prompt for tags, with completion all tags in all agenda files.

Or, if you prefer, you could create different templates for different
tags (:NOTE:, :UNKNOWN:, etc.).

Another recommendation would be to instruct remember to file new notes
to a single location (e.g., inbox.org or * inbox). You could then
regularly review/process/empty this "inbox." That way you'd be sure not
to miss any new notes.

> What I'd like to have in orgmode is a simpler and homogeneous way
> to do things.
> * TODO foo bar
> would be
> * foo bar
> :TYPE:
> :END:
> a note would be
> * foo bar
> :TYPE:
> :END:
> etc.
> A default entry would have a special entry type -say UNKNOWN-
> thus making the review much more trustable. What I like in this
> idea is the homegenous view of any orgmode file and I guess this
> would make orgmode file parsing a lot easier.
> We could even go further by storing all orgmode entries meta-data
> into drawers (tags, timestamps, states, ...)

If you want to avoid todos and tags, you can always use PROPERTY drawers
for custom metadata.


 * foo bar
  :TYPE: note

And, of course, you can have remember templates prompt you to fill these

| %^{prop}p   Prompt the user for a value for property prop

Warning: it can be much slower to search for properties than to search
for todo-states and tags.


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