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[Orgmode] agenda cycling

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] agenda cycling
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 19:25:29 -0700

In at least org-version "6.29trans", I find the behavior of
org-agenda-cycle-show to be different from its docstring,
and also different from what I would find most useful.

The docstring says:

        Show the current entry in another window, with default settings.
        Default settings are taken from `org-show-hierarchy-above' and siblings.
        When use repeadedly in immediate succession, the remote entry will cycle
        through visibility

        entry -> subtree -> subtree with logbook

emacs -q --load org-testcase.el , minimal, produces
these states:

        1) folded
        2) only the first subtask shows, with no indication
           that there are any other subtasks
        3) same as 2
        4) everything except logbook
        5) everything including logbook

I find states 2 and 3 to be confusing, because it makes me
think that there are no other subtasks.

What I would expect for state 2 is to show children.  This
is, in fact, the most useful state for me.

The behavior that I would find most familiar is the same as
the cycling behavior when point is on the parent headline in
the outline.  I imagine most users would find the same.  I
don't mind experimenting with extra configurable states for
cycling, of course.

With my .emacs, the behavior is the same.  My .emacs has

        (setf org-show-following-heading t)
        (setf org-show-siblings t)

Also, I have some ideas for cycling from the agenda, which
seem appropriate to include here.

Point could change to show more of the outline.  I think
that the following would work well.

        1) folded, with point in the middle
        2) children, with point near the top
        3) subtree, with point near the top

Also, window configuration could change, to a generous size
for children and subtree, at least if they cannot fit in the
window.  Then it could return for folded, so that you can
see more of the agenda as usual.  I use the default,
half-height window for that.

Finally, a 4th state, which is to not show the outline at
all, is a possibility.  Thus, cycling 4 times gets you back
to the beginning.

Here is a full design.

        1) folded, with point in the middle, default window
        2) children, with point near the top, generous
           window splitting
        3) subtree, with point near the top, generous window
        4) agenda window fills the screen


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