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[Orgmode] Anything like org-hide-others/org-close-others?

From: Peter Jones
Subject: [Orgmode] Anything like org-hide-others/org-close-others?
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 11:24:50 -0600
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I'd like to have an interactive function that will return the entire
buffer to the outline state (all headings closed/folded), and then
reopen the heading at point.

Usually I'm working in one specific location in an org file.  I might
jump around and open a few other headings, then continue working in my
original heading.  At this point, the buffer seems a bit messy with most
headings closed except the one I'm working on and a few others I've

It would be nice to hit a key and close everything except the heading
I'm in.

Is this something that is already in org and I'm missing it?  If not,
any pointers on how to implement something like this?


Peter Jones - 303-219-0226
pmade inc.  - http://pmade.com

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