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[Orgmode] C-e skips incrementally to end of a long line

From: Alan E. Davis
Subject: [Orgmode] C-e skips incrementally to end of a long line
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 21:47:43 +1000

Some time ago, I learned about a *feature* to allow C to go forward to the end of the line BEFORE the tags, and similarly to enable that C-a in a headline would only proceed to the beginning of the headline text, and not to the absolute line beginning.

For a while, I have been suffering what appears to be a corollary of this: C-e on any long line (possibly longer than a fill-column distance) skips by increment of approximately a fill-column length, and C-e must be repeated several times on a long line to get to the end. 

This is somewhat annoying when using org-remember via org-protocol or org-annotation-helper, that only yank text paragraphs as a long line.  I see no rhyme or reason to the pattern of the skips.

Is this a bug in my setup?

My customized parameter for Org Special Ctrl A/E was "set C-a and C-e separately" in the customize buffer.  When this variable is reset to "after stars/bullet and before tags first", the same thing seems to happen.  

Alan Davis

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