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[Orgmode] bug in org-latex.el

From: John Rakestraw
Subject: [Orgmode] bug in org-latex.el
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 14:22:20 -0400

Hi, List --

I'm reluctant to post this to the list, because I know next to nothing
about lisp. But here goes.

I'm writing in org and exporting to pdf via C-C C-E d. The exporter was
stumbling over a URL in the text, with the error message indicating
that "org-export-latex-protect-special" is void. I made two small
changes in org-export.el; now the export works and the URL is indeed
clickable in the pdf. See the patch below.

Of course, I could well have broken something....

Org-mode version 6.29trans (release_6.29c.110.gca19.dirty)
GNU Emacs 23.1.1 (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu


--- org-latex.el        2009-08-31 11:58:39.576924147 -0400
+++ org-latex.el_new    2009-08-31 12:00:12.642986362 -0400
@@ -1572,7 +1572,7 @@
              (insert (format "\\hyperref[%s]{%s}"
                               (org-solidify-link-text raw-path))
-                             (org-export-latex-protect-special
+                             (org-export-latex-protect-string desc))))
              (when (org-at-table-p)
                ;; There is a strange problem when we have a link in a
table, @@ -1581,7 +1581,7 @@
                (setq path (org-export-latex-protect-amp path)
                      desc (org-export-latex-protect-amp desc)))
              (insert (format "\\href{%s}{%s}" path
-                             (org-export-latex-protect-special
+                             (org-export-latex-protect-string desc))))
             (t (insert "\\texttt{" desc "}")))))))
 (defun org-export-latex-protect-amp (s)

John Rakestraw

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