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[Orgmode] Productiviy tools (was: Scaling org-mode)

From: Daniel Clemente
Subject: [Orgmode] Productiviy tools (was: Scaling org-mode)
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 01:30:43 +0200
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El dom, sep 13 2009 a les 07:45, Dave Täht va escriure:
> ;; my personal fav, run every 15 minutes
> (defun nag-timer () "Nag me when there isn't a clock running"  
>   (interactive)
>   (unless (marker-buffer org-clock-marker)
>     (say "Are you mating now?")))

  I like this very much and have started using it; let's see how annoying it 
can be.

  Do you really clock all the time you have Emacs open? That will give very 
complete statistics about daily computer usage… if only you don't end up 
clocking everything into a general task „* do some things“.

  I have since long thought of more utilities like this, which watch my work 
habits and help me correct them in the ways I defined beforehand. It would be 
something like my org-boss and include:

- warn when I'm not clocking anything (possibly do this only on work hours, not 
at home)
- check that each work day I work the hours I should, no less
- warn when some tasks or deadlines start to seem difficult to complete on time:
 - e.g. if there are still 30 predicted hours but the deadline is tomorrow (so 
you won't be able to do those 30 hours)
 - or if I am being too slow (e.g. if after 1h working at a 4h task I am still 
at 10%. To be on schedule I should have been at 25%)
- motivate me positively when I complete tasks faster than planned
- help me find the effort estimates which proved wrong (because I spent more 
time than planned)
- warn when I have too many scheduled tasks for today in my agenda (I should 
reschedule them)
- complain if I have many same-level tasks and I haven't assigned priorities to 
- complain if I hadn't estimated the effort of task which has taken a lot of 
- …

  I see there is much work to do. Many productivity improvements are personal, 
so a single mode can't match all corrective needs. A single file with a 
collection of working functions would be better; then users can adapt to their 
needs the functions they want.

  How does this utopia sound?
  I alone can't develop this in time, but: if we put a file in Worg or 
contrib/, could we collect all our productiviy improvement tools and ideas?

-- Daniel

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