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[Orgmode] Monthly events based on count of specific weekdays

From: Ben Finney
Subject: [Orgmode] Monthly events based on count of specific weekdays
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 16:41:39 +1100
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Howdy all,

How can I set an event in Org mode that repeats every month, on a
specific weekday, on a week counted from the start of the month?

For example:

  * every month on the first Tuesday of the month.
  * every month on the third Sunday of the month.
  * every first and third Wednesday of the month.

Taking “first Tuesday of the month”, if I set it this month on
<2009-11-15 Sun>, it should next repeat on <2009-12-20 Sun> and so on
each month. These do not do what I want:

  * <2009-11-15 Sun +1m>
  * <2009-11-08 Sun ++1m>
  * <2009-11-08 Sun .+1m>

    Each of these next repeats on <2009-12-15 Tue>, the wrong date.

How can I specify a repeating event to Org mode that achieves what I
described above?

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Ben Finney

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