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Re: [Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: Re: [Orgmode][babel] noweb does not work (as expected)
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 16:38:17 +0900
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Hi Tom,

If I try to use the noweb way, I always got error messages which tells me that 
org-babel can not read the result correctly

> #+srcname: r-load-libraries
> #+begin_src R
>    library(RMySQL)
>    library(reshape)
>    library(xtable)
> #+end_src

As I see you do not use any special header here which means results is set to 
value, right? However, there is no special return line to org-babel either. In 
my understanding and according to my error messages  library(xtable) would be 
evaluated as the result of this block...

However this results in error messages at least for python.

Which org-babel version due you use (which branch)?

Maybe you or someone else can bring some more light into this :results topic.
I somehow miss the option :results none to avoid any results which should be 
useful if the source code block is just a piece of a bigger arrangement. For 
literate programming and RR it might be essential to spread blocks over the 
file which will be tangled together (by tangle or a noweb block). However not 
all need provide a result but just need to run in the same session. Maybe just 
the last block of such an arrangement will come up with a result suitable for 
Actually I prefer the idea of :noweb instead of tangle, which seems to me more 
flexible and faster.

Just need to get it running



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