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Re: [Orgmode] Exporting drawers

From: David Maus
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Exporting drawers
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 12:24:56 +0100
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Hi Uwe,

At Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:48:13 +0100,
Uwe Jochum wrote:
> ...
> and in my .emacs there is an entry " '(org-export-
> with-drawers t)" to make sure the drawers are included when I am exporting 
> the file. But when exporting the file the drawer :ADRESSE: is NOT included; 
> I only get the headlines or text outside the drawer.
> I cannot figure out what's wrong with my setting. Could someone give me a 
> hint?

I cannot reproduce this. I created an empty org file, copied your test
items, put #+DRAWERS: ADDRESSE on the head of the file, updated the
file local settings (C-c C-c) and exported to html. The ADRESSE
drawers are there.

| <p>:ADRESSE:
| :Stadt:    Frankfurt am Main
| :Telephon:   069&ndash;7511&ndash;2660 (direkt)
| :Telephon:   069&ndash;7511&ndash;1666 (Sekretärin)
| :E-Post:     <a href="mailto:address@hidden";>mailto:address@hidden</a>
| :END:
| </p>

Org-mode version 6.32trans (release_6.32b.147.g97e21)

GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.18.3) of
 2009-10-23 on elegiac, modified by Debian


  -- David

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