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[Orgmode] What does MobileOrg expect in terms of linefeeds?

From: Charles Sebold
Subject: [Orgmode] What does MobileOrg expect in terms of linefeeds?
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:47:44 -0600

I wonder, does MobileOrg always expect Unix-style line feeds?

I ask because it seems to me as if, when I push from Emacs on Windows, from then on every time I sync, I have to download and read in every single org file.  I have 20-30 org files and a couple of them are over 200K so this takes a while.

If I take the same org files and push them from Linux, I have to reread everything once, and then every sync from Linux after that only seems to force it to reread the files that changed.

So, I'm wondering if it's not reading one of the files correctly: checksums.dat, or one of the agenda files.  I don't know enough about the iPhone app source to figure that one out, but I could think of workarounds for org-mobile.el if it always needs to produce Unix-style files for pushing.
Charles Sebold
Ego delendus sum

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