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[Orgmode] Release 6.33

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Release 6.33
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:51:11 +0100


here are the Changes in the latest release 6.33. Emacs 23.2, when it will be released (March?) will use this release, at least in terms of features.

There is some very cool stuff in this release. If you like to move and type fast, pay special attention to speed commands and level indentation cycling. But there is much more, make sure you read the notes carefully.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed.


- Carsten

Changes in Version 6.33

Incompatible changes

Reorganize key bindings for archiving

The following keys now do archiving

C-c C-x C-a: archive using the command specified in
     `org-archive-default-command'.  This variable is by default
     set to `org-archive-subtree', which means arching to the
     archive file.

The three specific archiving commands are available through

C-c C-x C-s:    archive to archive file
C-c C-x a:     toggle the archive tag
C-c C-x A:   move to archive sibling

These bindings work the same in an Org file, and in the agenda.

In addition:

- In the agenda you can also use `a' to call the default archiving
  command, but you need to confirm the command with `y' so that this
  cannot easily happen by accident.

- For backward compatibility, `C-c $' in an org-mode file, and
  `$' in the agenda buffer continue to archive to archive file.


Level indentation cycling new empty entries and plain list items

To speed up data entry, TAB now behaves special in an empty
headline, i.e. if the current line only contains the headline
starter stars, maybe a TOD keyword, but no further content.  This
is usually the situation just after creating a new headline with
`M-RET' or `M-S-RET'.

Then, TAB will first make the current entry a child of the
entry above, then a parent, then a grand parent etc until it
reaches top level.  Yet another TAB and you will be back at the
initial level at which the headline was created.

New plain list items behave in just the same way.

Sounds strange?  Try it, it is insanely fast when entering data.
If you still don't like it, turn it off by customizing

Thanks to [Samuel Wales] and [John Wiegley] for ideas that
contributed to this new feature.

[Samuel Wales]: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/18236
[John Wiegley]: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/18447/focus%3D19015

Speed commands at the start of a headline

If you set the variable `org-use-speed-commands', the cursor
position at the beginning of a headline (i.e. before the first
star) becomes special.  Single keys execute special commands in
this place, for example outline navigation with `f', `b', `n',
and `p', equivalent to the corresponding `C-c C-f', `C-c C-b',
`C-c C-n', and `C-c C-f' commands.  The full list of commands can
be seen by pressing `?' at the special location.  More commands
can be added and existing ones modified by configuring the
variable `org-speed-commands-user'.

This was a request by John Wiegley, based on similar speed
navigation in /allout.el/.

Logging changes in scheduling and deadline time stamps

Setting the variables `org-log-reschedule' and
`org-log-redeadline' to either `time' or `note' will arrange for
recording a logbook entry whenever a scheduling date or deadline
is changed.

This was a request by Rick Moynihan.

File remember notes into a date tree

Remember notes can now be filed to a location in a date tree.  A
date tree is an outline tree with years as top levels, months as
level 2 headings, and days as level three headings.  These are
great for journals and for recording appointments and other loose
dates because it will be easy to find all entries referencing a
particular date, and it will be easy to archive all such entry
from last year, for example.

To select date tree filing, set the HEADLINE part of the remember
template to the symbol `date-tree'.  The date tree will be build
in the file on top level.  However, if the file contains an entry
with a non-nil `DATE_TREE' property, then the tree will be build
under that headline.

New commands to create entries from agenda and calendar

If you make the variable `org-agenda-diary-file' point to an
org-mode file, the `i' key in both the agenda buffer and in the
Emacs calendar will be made to insert entries into that Org file.
The dates at the cursor and the mark are being used when making
entries for specific dates or blocks.  In the new file,
anniversaries will be collected under a special headline, and
day/block entries will be filed into a date tree (see previous

This was a request by Stephen Eglen.

A new freemind exporter has been integrated with Org-mode

org-freemind.el has a number of entry points (for details, see
the source code), but you can also use Org's `C-c C-e m' to
export a file or a selected subtree.

Thanks to Lennart Borgman for this contribution.  An earlier
version of this file was part of the nxhtml package, under the
name /freemind.el/.

Drawers are now exported properly

Drawers are now exported when the configuration requires it,
i.e. if the variable `org-export-with-drawers' is t or a list
containing the drawers to export.

Min/Max/Mean age operators in Column View.

This lets you see how much time has passed since the specified
timestamp property each entry. The three operators (address@hidden',
address@hidden', address@hidden') show either the age of the youngest or oldest
entry or the average age of the children.

Thanks to James TD Smith for a patch to this effect.

Allow source code block indentation to be preserved

If `org-src-preserve-indentation' is non-nil, or if a block has a
`-i' switch, then the behavior of org-exp-blocks is altered as

1. Indentation is not removed before passing the block contents
   to the block-transforming plugin.

2. The result returned by the plugin is not re-indented.

3. Editing the source code block with =C-c '= preserves it's

Thanks to Dan Davison for this feature.

Frame/window control when switching to source code edit buffer.

When switching to a source code editing buffer with =C-c '=, you
can now control the frame / window setup using the new variable

Thanks to Dan Davison for this feature.

Refile an entry to the current clock

You can now quickly refile an entry to become a child of the
entry currently being clocked.  The keys for doing this are
`C-2 C-c C-w'.

This was a request by Bernt Hansen.

Make `C-c C-o' open the attachment directory is there are no links

If there is no link in an entry, `C-c C-o' will now open the
attachment directory instead.

This was a request/patch by John Wiegley.

org-mac-iCal.el: work with calendar "groups"

Some calendar systems (Google, Zimbra) handle subscriptions to
multiple calendars (or to an account) by grouping them under a
single caldav directory in the calendar tree.  org-mac-iCal used
to assumes there is only one ics file created per caldav
directory, so while it *creates* all of the needed merged ics
files, it only copies one of them to ~/Library/Calendar before
importing the contents into the diary.

Thanks to Doug Hellmann for a patch to fix this.

New module /org-learn.el/ in the contrib directory

The file implements the learning algorithm described at
[http://supermemo.com/english/ol/sm5.htm], which is a system for reading
material according to "spaced repetition".  See
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced\_repetition] for more details.

Thanks to John Wiegley for this contribution.


New contributed package /org-git-link.el/

/org-git-link.el/ defines two new link types. The `git' link type
is meant to be used in the typical scenario and mimics the `file'
link syntax as closely as possible.  The `gitbare' link type
exists mostly for debugging reasons, but also allows e.g.
linking to files in a bare git repository for the experts.

Thanks to Raimar Finken for this contribution.

/org-annotation-helper.el/ and /org-browser-url.e./ have been removed

Please switch to /org-protocol.el/, into which contains the same
functionality in a more general framework.

The contributed /org-export-freemind/ package has been removed.

Org now contains a new freemind exporter, /org-freemind.el/.

Org-babel Changes
- Clojure is supported [Thanks to Joel Boehland]
- Perl is supported
- Ruby and Python now respond to the :file header argument
- Added :results_switches header argument for passing switches
  through to raw src blocks
- Preserve indentation in source blocks on export and tangle
- Possible to evaluate noweb reference on tangling or code block
- Allowing multiple noweb references on a single line
- Cleaned up the passing of parameter values from Org-babel to
  language specific functions

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