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[Orgmode] Re: Scheduling of 2-day events

From: Markus Heller
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Scheduling of 2-day events
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 15:00:43 -0800
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Bernt Hansen wrote:
Markus Heller <address@hidden> writes:

Bernt Hansen wrote:
Markus Heller <address@hidden> writes:


subject says it all.  Is this the appropriate way of doing scheduling
a 2-day event (couldn't find an example in the manual):

* TODO Career/Training/Courses
** TODO Project Management Workshop
   SCHEDULED: <2009-11-19 Thu 9:00-16:30>--<2009-11-20 Fri 9:00-16:30>

The agenda out put (C-c a a) looks like this:

Thursday   19 November 2009
  ABC:       9:00-16:30 Scheduled:  TODO Project Management Workshop
  ABC:       9:00-16:30 (1/2):  TODO Project Management Workshop
Friday     20 November 2009
  ABC:      (2/2):  TODO Project Management Workshop
I would just drop the SCHEDULED: part

** TODO Project Management Workshop
   <2009-11-19 Thu 9:00-16:30>--<2009-11-20 Fri 9:00-16:30>

so you don't get a duplicate entry.  I'd also drop the TODO since it's
scheduled for a block of time and when the time is gone it's done -
whether you mark it DONE or not.

Thanks for your reply, Bernt.

The TODO changes to STARTED when I clock this task in, which I do when
I'm working on my preparation.  I could have a sub-task for
preparation and clock this, but in the end, this doesn't really matter
too much to me.

Yes mine does too - but then I just move it back to no TODO keyword and
keep the clock running.

I don't normally clock in 'events', I clock in todo tasks - so if
there's something to do to prepare for the event I would normally stick
that in another task and clock that instead.

Bernt, just curious, how do you bill for the time you spent at an event?

My goal here is to try to catch all the time I spend on this workshop ``project'' (it's professional development so I have to bill all the time I spend on it) in my time table, that's why I'm clocking it. This should include preparation and the time I actually spend at the work shop. If I followed your example, I'd create a level-3 task (presumably) called ``Preparation'' and clock that, and the time spend on this task will show up in my time table. But what about the actual work shop?

Say you were in the same situation, how would you go about this? Maybe a hidden org-mode gem that I haven't discovered yet?

Thanks and Cheers

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