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Re: [Orgmode] Blorgit > SVN integration

From: Francesco Pizzolante
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Blorgit > SVN integration
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 13:36:26 +0100
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Hi Eric,

>>>> 1) Is it possible to integrate Blorgit with SVN instead of git? If yes, how
>>>>    can I do it?
>> This is what I've added to blog.rb:
>> diff --git a/backend/blog.rb b/backend/blog.rb
>> index 0f43728..827ec05 100644
>> [...]
> Thanks, that patch looks great.  If you don't mind I'd like to apply the
> patch to the blorgit git repository on github.  Do you have a github
> user name patch which I can use for patch authorship, or could I just
> use your name and email address?

Of course, I'll be happy to contribute. I just created a fresh account on
github (user name: fpz). Is this that you need? If not, you can use my name
but prefer this email address: address@hidden Thanks.

>> One little question: is it possible to add a comment field when editing a
>> file through the web interface and use that comment as the log when
>> checking in the file in the repository?
> That behavior is not currently part of blorgit, but it shouldn't be hard
> to add.  See lines 241 through 247 of blorgit.rb which are responsible
> for rendering the edit page.  It shouldn't be hard to add a comment
> field, and then later access that field when committing to SVN/GIT.

I will have a look at this soon.

>>>> 3) I would like to add a .pdf link (next to edit .org .tex) in order to
>>>>    download the PDF coming from the compilation (pdflatex) of the .tex
>>>>    file. Is it possible?
>>> Yes, this should certainly be possible (and please let me know if you
>>> succeed and I would like to add that change to the main repo).  See line
>>> 70 in backend/acts_as_org/lib/acts_as_org.rb, it should be fairly
>>> straight forward to create a to_pdf command similar to the to_tex
>>> command defined therein.
>> Here's what I did for this.
>> [...]
> Would it be possible to push the "dot removal" behavior into the shell
> script.  That way the files could be re-hidden behind a dot after the
> pdf export has finished.

That's an idea. I'll have a look.

> Also, rather than using a shell script, would it be possible to use the
> built in `org-export-as-pdf' function.  This may obviate the need for a
> shell script at all.  In this case you probably wouldn't need to remove
> the leading "." in the file names, and if you did, it could be done in
> elisp right around export with the `rename-file' function.

I went the shell script way because I already had a shell script for the pdf
part (with several iterations to get the references right). I will have a look
at your proposition and see if I can make it work the emacs way too...


Talk to you soon.


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