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[Orgmode] Bug Report: org-blocker-hook and org-trigger-hook are named in

From: Ryan C. Thompson
Subject: [Orgmode] Bug Report: org-blocker-hook and org-trigger-hook are named incorrectly
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:28:15 -0800
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I believe it is the emacs convention to distinguish between hooks that take no arguments and hooks that do. Since org-blocker-hook and org-trigger-hook pass an argument to their functions, they should actually be called org-blocker-functions and org-trigger-functions.

From the elisp info, 23.1 Hooks:

   If the hook variable's name does not end with `-hook', that
indicates it is probably an "abnormal hook".  That means the hook
functions are called with arguments, or their return values are used in
some way.  The hook's documentation says how the functions are called.
You can use `add-hook' to add a function to an abnormal hook, but you
must write the function to follow the hook's calling convention.
   By convention, abnormal hook names end in `-functions' or `-hooks'.
If the variable's name ends in `-function', then its value is just a
single function, not a list of functions.


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