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[Orgmode] Re: org-id-locations

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: org-id-locations
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 00:01:31 +0100

Hi Bernt,

M-x org-id-update-id-locations RET

should do the trick. This only thin that can go wrong that it will miss a file.

It scans:

- agenda files and archives
- the files in org-id-extra-files
- all the files that are currently in the id list
- any live buffers visiting an org-mode file

So in case of doubt, load in all org-files and run the command.

This command will also run automatically if an id cannot be found - assuming that something has been moved behind org's back - which is just your case.


- Carsten

On Nov 27, 2009, at 11:16 PM, Bernt Hansen wrote:

Hi Carsten,

I've recently started using org-ids to find tasks in my org files and
org-mode is storing the ids and associated files in

Now I've modified or linked to locations on my laptop and on my
workstation and these files differ (both are modified differently) so I
need to do something magical to bring everything back in sync.

Manually merging the contents will be a bit of a pain since the order of
the entries are mixed up now.

Do bad things happen if I just delete or ignore syncing these files
between the laptop and workstation?

What's the right way to handle this?


- Carsten

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