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Re: [Orgmode] How to combine the analogue (Moleskine) world with digital

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] How to combine the analogue (Moleskine) world with digital (org-mode) world ?
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:03:59 +0000
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At Sun, 24 Jan 2010 23:09:27 +0900,
Torsten Wagner wrote:
> However, not all my work is just in front of a computer. And the world


> My question is now. What would be the best way to combine the
> moleskine and org-mode ? Does someone have experience  with a paper


> Any ideas and experience would be welcome.

In the "olden days" (as my son says), I used to run a mixed system
(well beore org-mode days, mind you).  The best working scenario for
me was the following:

- every Sunday, I would go through my paper diary, a Filofax (tm), and
  transfer any new/changed items to my electronic version.
- I would then print off the next month's calendar in "week per two
  pages" form compatible my Filofax.
- during the week, I would tend to work only on paper if I wasn't at
  my desk but, even at the desk, I would update both paper and
  computer simultaneously with new/changed entries.  Any such entries
  would be "ticked" on the paper so that I knew that I had already
  incorporated them into the computer version.

Eventually, I gave up and bought a Psion 3 (the original incarnation,
then a 3a and finally a 3mx) which I carried with me all the time!  My
3mx died early this century and I have been struggling ever since.
The Psion was absolutely fantastic, an example of engineering (both
hardware and software) at its best!

I now have org-mode which is fantastic in terms of the software end
(and in many ways is reminiscent of the Psion) but the hardware end is
lagging [1].  I now use a combination of systems: desktop PCs at work
and home, netbook (Asus EEE) on the move with a Nokia internet tablet
(N810) for those times when the netbook is too inconvenient
(e.g. impromptu lunchtime meetings).  Everything is synchronised using

This all works well enough but I still would like a single pocketable
computer that I could use in all scenarios.  The Nokia's keyboard and
screen are just a little too small, especially the keyboard.  I am
hopeful that a more usable system will come out this year as many
mobile internet devices [MID] and ultra-mobile PCs (UMPC) were
announced last year.  The UMID &co. look promising.  Maybe the
Pandora!  Possibly one of the Android phones but probably not.

I won't get an iPhone as I don't like the proprietary nature of the
software [2].  I want Linux or equivalent with org-mode!


[1]  and this is *not* Carsten's fault ;-)

[2]  yes, the Psion ran proprietary software as well but, partly
     because of being orphaned by them, I no longer am willing to end
     up beholden to a single company's system!

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