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Re: [Orgmode] Hook Function Examples

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Hook Function Examples
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 10:48:35 -0500

Mark Elston <address@hidden> wrote:

> OK.  From what I read I am assuming that a buffer is created with some
> already-processed (though not completely) org data as its initial
> content.  Then, at some point, these hook functions are called on this
> new buffer.  I assume this is the case since you wouldn't want to go
> modifying the original buffer - though this is not stated anywhere that
> I can find.
> Some hook functions apparently *do* take parameters (e.g.
> org-cycle-hook, etc) and I wasn't sure about the ones that didn't
> mention any.

Yes - it is (in the terminology of the Elisp Ref manual) an "abnormal"
hook and should not be called ``org-cycle-hook'', but the convention is not

> I was just trying to find my way and didn't have a map of what was
> where.  Even the org-export-blocks-preprocess()  function is a little
> difficult to wade through for someone not really familiar with elisp.
> I think I have pieced it together, though.  This may give me what I need
> to do what I want (remove some specific kinds of headers when creating
> certain LaTeX files).
> Are my assumptions above correct, then?

I think so.


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