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Re: [Orgmode] Re: Hang after agenda export [6.34c]

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: Hang after agenda export [6.34c]
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 07:12:06 +0100

On Feb 1, 2010, at 7:50 PM, address@hidden wrote:

On Feb 1, 2010, at 9:10 AM, Noorul Islam K M wrote:

address@hidden writes:

The problem could be solved by removing the example code snippet
in the manual (Page 104 for 6.34c) from .emacs which is

(setq org-agenda-exporter-setting)
  '((ps-number-of-columns 2)
   (ps-landscape-mode t)
   (org-agenda-add-entry-text-maxlines 5)))

Export to txt and html works now. But for pdf I get an error message:

"Symbol's function definition is void: flet"

You need

cl.el --- Common Lisp extensions for Emacs

All parts of Org that use the flet macro also have

  (require 'cl))

so this should not be an issue in Org.

What Emacs version is this?

- Carsten

It's 23.1.1

When I do a C-u M-x org-reload beforehand there is no error message and
the pdf export succeeds.

That sounds like there still is a loading conflict - most likely you are doing something to load org-mode (like setting up appt with org, or visiting an Org file or constructing an agenda view) before adding the org directories to the load path.

- Carsten

I'm using 6.34c from my home directory (installed with make only, not
"make install") and renamed the emacs folder under /usr/local/share to
make sure that the older version isn't loaded. (BTW what's the right way
to uninstall a system wide installation of org?)
M-x org-version shows the right number.

- Carsten

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