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[Orgmode] problem exporting latex fragments to html: Debian's dvipng 1.1

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: [Orgmode] problem exporting latex fragments to html: Debian's dvipng 1.12-1 is buggy
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 13:57:21 +0000
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I'm obviously having a bad two days with org-mode but, this time, I've
actually solved the problem myself.  I thought I would highlight the
issue in case anybody else runs into this.

Short summary: exporting org files with latex fragments to HTML failed
to create the images.  I tracked the problem down to dvipng failing
(memory reference problems).  My system is Debian with a mixture of
testing and unstable (yes, this will do it to you every time!).  In
any case, version 1.12-1 of dvipng seems to have problems; the latest
in testing is 1.12-3 and this one works.

However, I thought I would bring up a minor point: the failure to
create images was not obvious; I had to resort to going through my
*Messages* buffer.  I then tried toggling debug on error to see why
the image creation was failing but this had no effect as an error
condition is not raised; this begs the question: should an error
condition be raised when an image creation fails?


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