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[Orgmode] interacting with word processors (opeonffice, word)

From: Matt Price
Subject: [Orgmode] interacting with word processors (opeonffice, word)
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 13:34:45 -0500


I;m getting more and more used to using org for my own writing purposes,
and love it.  But I still find it pretty difficult to work with
word-processor users whoexpect to get a doument in .doc or .odt formats.
I've just found odt2org (http://mantiel.wikidot.com/os:odt2org) which
looks great for importing odt files into org; but my main concern right
now is getting things from org-mode out into odt or doc.  May i ask what
other people tend to do in this situation?  I I guess I could export to
html, then import in Openoffice, then edit & save as odf, but this seems
a little cumbersome.  If someone has a better solution I'd love to hear

Thanks much,


Matt Price

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