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Re: [Orgmode] latex enumeration issue

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] latex enumeration issue
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 11:34:26 +0100

Hi Mark,

On Feb 2, 2010, at 11:08 PM, Mark Elston wrote:

A year ago Flavio de Souza asked a question about latex enumerations
that is similar to a problem I now have.  The answer given then was a
workaround that doesn't apply in my case.

This stems from my project of using a single file to maintain source
for generating my class notes *and* student handouts for my classes.
This allows me to take advantage of the common outline and common
text while specifying text that should go into only one or the other

I manage to do this by something like:

* Common heading

 Some common text

** A common subheading

  More common text

***                                  :handouts:
   Something for handouts only

***                                  :both:
   More common text

***                                  :notes:
   My class notes text

***                                  :both:
   More common text

I have a makefile which creates a temporary .org file by
prepending a specific header on this file for each type of
output (handouts or notes), exporting to a latex file, running
a perl script to remove any (sub)+sections with just the
tags in them, and running pdflatex to generate the output.

So far, so good.

However, I ran into a problem with enumerations.  Sometimes I
have enumerations in my original org file which are separated by
the 'empty' sectioning commands.  This ends the enumeration and
the next enumerated item starts a new one.  The result is a set
of enumerations with a single element in it.  I get something

  1.  Blah

  handout-specific text

  1.  More Blah

etc.  These should really have been 1, 2, etc.

I don't understand. Why is the text "handout-specific text" still there? Do you need it between the items? Do you want to make it part of the item (indentation would solve this).

The only workaround I have so far is to make all these items lists
instead of enumerations.  This works OK but they would make much more
sense as enumerations.

How does this help?

- Carsten

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