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[Orgmode] Template org files, org-babel.

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [Orgmode] Template org files, org-babel.
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2010 03:38:27 +0100
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What are the possibilities for auto creating an org file based on a
template so that all todo items are auto scheduled based on an arbitrary
start date? Or would this be strictly a job for sed/awk or something?

Having just seen a screencast of xiki,
http://xiki.org/screencasts/web_development.html, I got to thinking of a
template workflow with the org-babel being used to perform steps e.g
create myql db, add user, update hosts file, etc etc etc. It would be
nice if that template flow could somehow inherit/prompt for init
parameters used throughout e.g start date, webname etc. Any ideas or
pointers in the right direction welcome. Hope that makes some sense. An
example of babel snippets setting/retrieving and sharing values between
them would be great. Possible?

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