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[Orgmode] MobileOrg and mydisk.se

From: Henri-Paul Indiogine
Subject: [Orgmode] MobileOrg and mydisk.se
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2010 16:38:44 -0600
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I MobileOrg compatible with Mydisk.se?   I am trying to run:

test-file.txt <my login>@mydisk.se:mobile/

which is adapted from the online manual, B.1 Setting up the staging area

It does not even ask me for a password, it just times out.
I have a normal free account with myDisk.se

I am missing something obvious?


Henri-Paul Indiogine
Email: address@hidden
Skype: hindiogine
Website: http://www.coe.tamu.edu/~enrico

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