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[Orgmode] Org2Mobile Announcement

From: support
Subject: [Orgmode] Org2Mobile Announcement
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 2010 13:55:18 +0300
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Hello org-mode users!

Let me present you Org2Mobile - a service that enables you take your tasks from an org-mode file to the mobile phone calendar. It consists of a desktop agent and a mobile phone application. The desktop program monitors your org file for changes and sends updates to the server. The mobile application in turn picks changes from the server and keeps calendar up to date.

Supported platforms:
- Windows for desktop application.
- Symbian S60 2nd/3rd Edition for mobile application.

- Org-mode tasks do not affect other tasks.
You can still use your calendar as usual. The only difference is now you have org-mode tasks in it! - You can make custom mappings between types of org-mode tasks and types of calendar events. E.g. you can make tasks with todo keyword ANNIVERSARY appear as anniversaries in the calendar, make TODO and NEXT appear as todos, map SCHEDULED to calendar events and so on.
- A variety of timestamp formats is supported.
- Task priorities (A, B and C) are supported.
- Several file encodings are supported.
- Org2Mobile doesn't need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
The only requirement for network is to have your computer and phone connected to the Internet. - Org2Mobile doesn't need both your PC and phone connected to the internet simultaneously.
You can pick changes on the phone any time you want.
- Mobile application is designed to minimize traffic.

The service is basically in its early stage so I guarantee that there are bugs and missing functionality, that's why I'm looking forward to your feedback. You can email me at address@hidden

The website of the service is http://org2mobile.com

I want to thank Carsten Dominik and all org-mode contributors for such a great organizer.

I hope you find the service useful.

Ivan Bulanov

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