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[Orgmode] State Change with diary-float

From: Nick Parker
Subject: [Orgmode] State Change with diary-float
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 13:51:40 -0600


I have several events that occur on a monthly basis where I use diary-float sexp for recurrence.  Something like the following:

Some Meeting
SCHEDULED: <2010-02-04 Thu <%%(diary-float t 4 1)>>

I have noticed that while the sexp will correctly reschedule the item for me, it only tracks the state of the single entry.  So when I complete the task and change it's state to DONE, the item no long repeats the schedule for the future.  I therefore tried to remove the DONE and TODO states for my repeating events entirely (but left the schedule sexp), however when I view my agenda, I see an entry for the current day that says: 

Sched. 4x Some Meeting

Where "Some Meeting" was in the past.  Is there a way to tell it to not prompt me for a previously scheduled item, but still use the diary-float scheduling for items in the future?

Nick Parker

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