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[Orgmode] very small font in column view mode

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: [Orgmode] very small font in column view mode
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 15:49:16 +0900
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Hi there,

I have been using Org-mode for three years now and everything worked so
perfect or was explained to excruciating detail in the manual that I never
had to write to the mailing list with a question.  However, as the usage
scenario of Org-mode expands (and in fact threatens to take over most of my
life), it seems that I finally arrived at a murky area:

When entering column-view mode, all of a sudden the font for the item to be
displayed becomes very small.  I see a header list for the columns at the
top of the file in normal size, but the item itself is barely readibly, such
a tiny font has been chosen.  I looked all over the place for any suspects,
but could not identify any.  What might be the reason and what kind of cure
is necessary to overcome this problem?

Any help appreciated,


P.S. And before I forget:  Many thanks to Carsten Dominik and the whole Org
community for such a marvelous tool!

 Christian Wittern, Kyoto

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