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Re: [Orgmode] very small font in column view mode

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] very small font in column view mode
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:19:12 +0900
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Hi Giovanni,

On 2010-02-09 18:16, Giovanni Ridolfi wrote:
Christian Wittern<address@hidden>  writes:

When entering column-view mode, all of a sudden the font for the item to be
displayed becomes very small.
  well, I did M-x describe-fontset, so I *think* my fonts are:

  -outline-Courier New-normal-normal-normal-mono-13-*-*-*-c-*-fontset-startup

For me, the same would be

Fontset: -*-Monaco-normal-normal-normal-*-18-*-*-*-m-0-fontset-auto1

If I say C-u C-x = on other parts of the buffer, I get a font like this

    mac-ct:-*-Monaco-normal-normal-normal-*-18-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1 (#x26)

but on column-view lines, I get

    mac-ct:-*-Monaco-normal-normal-normal-*-12-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1 (#x0D)

which is much smaller than what I am used to.

BTW, I forgot to say, this is Emacs 23 on a Mac .

Are you referring to agenda column view?

No, my use case is more along the CD database in the manual, except that I am working on a catalog of texts. Occasional it is useful to get an overview by displaying all entries in a table, hence I got interested in column-view.

All the best,


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