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Re: [Orgmode] setting org-export-latex-image-default-option on a per fil

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] setting org-export-latex-image-default-option on a per file basis?
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 09:00:30 +0100

On Feb 10, 2010, at 3:23 AM, Nick Dokos wrote:

Dan Davison <address@hidden> wrote:

Lee Hinman <address@hidden> writes:

Hi all,

I'm using org-babel-ditaa to insert a picture into a document I am
writing. This works great, except the inserted image is too small. By
changing the -s option to ditaa I was able to modify the size of the
image for the HTML export but not for the LaTeX. I did a little looking
at the .tex file and found this:


the width=10em is controlled by org-export-latex-image-default- option.
Ideally I'd like to change this value for this file only, something
like an entry in the #+OPTIONS line. But org-export-plist-vars has that
element set to nil so it isn't configurable via that method.  Does
anyone have a suggestion of how I could tweak this variable on a per
file basis?

Hi Lee,

I was just having the same problem. We can use a file-local variable,
for now.

# Local Variables:
# org-export-latex-image-default-option: "width=30em"
# End:

This goes "near the end of the file" according to
http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Specifying-File-Variables.html#Specifying-File-Variables .


You should also be able to use BIND for this:

#+BIND: org-export-latex-image-default-option "width=30em"

should do it. I think this should work but I have not tested it.

You can also, on a per image basis, use

    #+ATTR_LaTeX: width=30em

just before the ditaa block.


- Carsten

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