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[Orgmode] remember template with prompting for different note files poss

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: [Orgmode] remember template with prompting for different note files possible?
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 21:27:39 +0900
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Hi there,

I am keeping snippets of various information gems in note files, which are
selected by topic, e.g emacs.txt for Emacs related stuff, python.txt for
python stuff, machine-name.txt for stuff to do with the setup and
maintenance of that machine and so on.  I would now like to move this over
to org-mode and remember.  Now I would like to be able to select the right
file from a list of files and then possible define a topic.  From the
dacumentation, it seems that this is not possible; I would have to collect
them first and file them, which is what I am doing now with ideas, todo
items and so fort.   But maybe somebody here as an idea how this can be

All the best,


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