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[Orgmode] Ordered lists with alphabetic tags?

From: Simon Guest
Subject: [Orgmode] Ordered lists with alphabetic tags?
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 21:07:48 +1300
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I'd like to produce multi-choice questions using Org mode, exporting
via Latex and Beamer mode to PDF.  My choices need to be alphabetic: A
B C, etc, since I am using a set of classroom clickers (aka voting
buttons) for students to select answers, which have buttons labelled A
to H.

So far, I found no way to change numeric to alphabetic in lists, and
the best I can come up with is

** What's your favourite subject?
+ A Maths
+ B Science
+ C English


I note that numeric lists are formatted really nicely on slides.  Is
there a way of achieving similar with alphabetic?  Would this be a
useful enhancement?


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