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[Orgmode] Setting org-id-track-globally to nil results in "Wrong argumen

From: Geralt
Subject: [Orgmode] Setting org-id-track-globally to nil results in "Wrong argument type: hash-table-p, nil" in org-id-find-id-file
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 12:39:26 +0100


the following test-case reproduces the above message:
emacs -q
(setq org-id-track-globally nil)
// Open a file using IDs and a link to at least one of those headings
(require 'org-id)
// Now try to follow an id-link

A sample org-file with an id:
* An item
  :ID:       0fb1cfdb-7bf7-4d8f-95b3-2e50e4d23537

* A link
  [[id:0fb1cfdb-7bf7-4d8f-95b3-2e50e4d23537][An item]]

The exact error-message is:
org-id-find-id-file: Wrong type argument: hash-table-p, nil



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