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[Orgmode] inserting notes at level 1 with org-remember

From: Trance Diviner
Subject: [Orgmode] inserting notes at level 1 with org-remember
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 09:18:40 -0800


The documentation for org-remember-templates says the following:
An optional fifth element can specify the headline in that file that should
be offered first when the user is asked to file the entry.  The default
headline is given in the variable `org-remember-default-headline'.  When
this element is `top' or `bottom', the note will be placed as a level-1
entry at the beginning or end of the file, respectively.

But I find that org-remember always creates notes as a level-2 entry.
For example, starting with an empty "example.org" file and the
following configuration:

(setq org-remember-templates
      '(("Note" ?n "* %u %?\n\n%i\n%a" "example.org" top)))

Invoking org-remember twice results in these contents:

** [2010-02-25 Thu] note two
** [2010-02-25 Thu] note one

What I expected was:

* [2010-02-25 Thu] note two
* [2010-02-25 Thu] note one

Am I doing it wrong?  Or is this a bug in org-remember?  If a bug,
is there a workaround I could apply to my configuration?

Kind thanks for your time,

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