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[Orgmode] help on ditaa

From: henry atting
Subject: [Orgmode] help on ditaa
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 20:28:50 +0100
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What exactly is the proper way to export code with ditaa? My knowledge
must be fragmentary for only the code is exported but the conversion to
images failes.

I did something like this:

Load the appropriate libs, like org-babel, org-babel-tangle, org-ditaa,
org-exp-blocks, then set the variable `org-ditaa-jar-path' to the ditaa
jar file.

The according lines in my org file look like this:

#+begin_src ditaa :file image.png :cmdline -r
| cBLU    |
|         |
|    +----+
|    |cPNK|
|    |    |



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