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[Orgmode] [ORG and emacs-w3m] C-c C-e b: 'configure' it to open html-pag

From: Livin Stephen Sharma
Subject: [Orgmode] [ORG and emacs-w3m] C-c C-e b: 'configure' it to open html-page within emacs
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 16:54:03 +0530

When I export an agenda-file as html using the 'open-in-browser' variant ['C-c 
C-e b'],
 how can I have the resulting html 'opened' using emacs-w3m -- instead of the 
'external' browser [Safari in my case]

FWIW, I already have/use this:
> (setq browse-url-browser-function 'w3m-browse-url)

I'm using:
> Emacs 23.50.1
> Org-mode 6.34 from the 2010_02_25 snapshot

On a somewhat related note:
 which, if any, in-emacs browser(s) are the most popular among org-mode users? 
Are any such browsers more friendly/compatible WRT org-mode?

[ In Carsten's google tech-talk, I notice that T.V. Raman mentions using emacs 
as a browser? ]

Livin Stephen Sharma

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