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[Orgmode] faster refile history

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] faster refile history
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 12:07:06 -0700

I use ido refile.

I have restricted refile for speed, which uses a tag.  It is
still slow, but somewhat faster than a less restricted refile.

I have a less-restricted refile for getting more headlines.
It is ridiculously slow.

But there is a subtle problem with refile history.

  1) I do less-restricted refile, which is slow.  This is
     M-x org-refile.  I refile using it to headline alpha.
  3) I refile to headline beta using any type of
  4) I want to refile another headline to headline alpha (or go to it).
     This is ideally done using refile history.
  5) So I do M-x restricted refile (or c-u)
  6) Then up arrow twice to get headline alpha
  7) Then RET to select it
  8) This does not work because headline alpha is not part
     of the restricted refile set
  9) So I actually have to use less-restricted refile in
     order to refile to headline alpha
  10) But this is a problem because it is too slow to come
      up with the ido interface in order to do so.

I wonder if it makes sense to be able to access refile
history no matter what refile targets is set to.


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