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Re: [Orgmode] LaTeX export > Avoid \newline command after timestampsX-Dr

From: Francesco Pizzolante
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] LaTeX export > Avoid \newline command after timestampsX-Draft-From: ("nnimap+mc:INBOX.sncb")
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:06:12 +0100
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Hi David,

> Yes, sorry, my brain's logical unit misfired.  What I meant was
> ,----
> | (unless (or (looking-at ".*\n[ \t]*\n") (looking-at ".*\\\\newline[ \t]*$"))
> `----
> Translating to: insert /no/ \newline, if either (a) there is a empty
> line beneath this line or (b) there is already a \newline.

We're going ahead! ;-)

Your intention is also clearer for me now.

Examples 1 and 3 are OK. I still have a remark for example 2.

> 2) Heading with text and no blank line between heading and text
> ** STARTED  Second
>    SCHEDULED: <2010-03-01 Mon> DEADLINE: <2010-03-19 Fri>
>    This task is split among all services and communication between the
>    entities.
> Gives the following:
> \section{STARTED  Second}
> \label{sec-2}
>    \texttt{SCHEDULED:} \textit{2010-03-01 Mon} \texttt{DEADLINE:} 
> \textit{2010-03-19 Fri}\newline
>    This task is split among all services and communication between the
>    entities.
> This would be Carsten's case.

Yes, it is. ;-)

> IMO inserting a \newline after the deadline/scheduled line if text follows
> immediately (example 2) makes sense.

I'm just wondering why having a special handling for this case (the second
one). Adding a simple blank line instead of the \newline command would be
cleaner as it you would totally rely on LaTeX for the formatting.

In addition, we keep having 2 different behaviors: in example 2, the text
starts on a newline (but on the same paragraph as what comes before) while on
example 3, the text starts on a new paragraph.

See the attached picture which shows clearly the difference between the text
of section 1.2 and the text of section 1.3: for this example, I simply use the
default article formatting which uses paragraph indentation except for the
first paragraph of sections.

>From my point of view, both examples 2 and 3 should be exported the same way:
it should not matter if we have (or not) an empty line in the Org buffer between
the heading and text. While, in the LaTex code, we should always add blank
line instead of \newline commands. LaTeX will thus always put things on
separate paragraphs, which totally makes sens to me.

Does all this make sense to you?


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